Category: Annulment

August 12, 2008

Can I get custody of my child now if he or she is in danger?

As family law attorneys based in Portland, Oregon, we talk to a lot of parents with safety concerns about the other parent’s home. We hear questions about how to get custody quickly, or change a…

August 10, 2008

Can I get exclusive use of the home during my divorce?

Divorce can be a time of stress and uncertainty. People change living arrangements and residences, sometimes voluntarily, and sometimes by court order. As family law lawyers based in Portland, Oregon, we hear lots of questions…

March 21, 2008

Divorce Myths: The differences bewteen an annulment, legal separation, and a divorce

As a divorce lawyer practicing in Portland, Oregon, one common myth I hear is that annulments offer substantially different relief than divorces. Another version of the myth is that legal separations offer substantially different relief…