Real Clients. Real Reviews.

Our Portland divorce and family law attorneys receive great reviews for their hard work from clients. Some of our lawyers reviews and testimonials are below. The outcome of every case will turn on its unique facts, and future results may be better or worse than those discussed below.

Not Your Average Lawyer

I have been going through a rough divorce and Sean has not only been a great lawyer but also a friend during a tough time.


Efficient and Realistic

I worked with Sean directly on the very sensitive subject of Parent Alienation. Sean was up front to understand my expectations and in turn provided several realistic options to consider. After 13 years of ongoing legal issues with my ex-wife, I feel that I have enough experience to strongly recommend the firm. I wish that I could have engaged them much earlier.


The Best Family Lawyer - Period!

Sean Stephens and the OneTec Family Law team are without question the strongest Family Law team you could have on your side. Their ability to navigate the system and combat frivolous and faulty filings by the other side resulted in an amazing outcome. They have kept me front and center in my children’s lives and have earned a client for life!


Wonderful Attorney, A Pro in Child And Family Law!

Sean is a consummate professional and one of the best lawyers my husband and I have ever worked with. I tend to get very emotional and anxious over these contentious child custody issues, and Sean is really good at calming me down and making me see the bigger picture. He is very responsive and timely in his communications with us, which is very much appreciated. He is well-versed in child and family law and is able to get the job done. His admin staff is friendly and cooperative, and his fees are very fair. Sean’s partner Dan is also great to work with. Thanks for helping us win our case!

Former client

Professional and Caring

Sean Stephens handled my divorce, restraining order and child custody matters. He and his staff were extremely helpful, very professional and very caring with this difficult process. I would highly recommend him if you are unfortunate enough to need legal services in this area. Sean did his best to resolve things without resorting to going before the judge. When my X was unresponsive and unwilling to listen to reason, he took my case to court and won everything we were requesting, including getting me (the father) full custody of the boys. Many thanks Sean.


Wonderful Job of Presenting My Position

Sean Stephens represented me in my divorce and later in getting an unfair restraining order removed along with getting me custody of my children. He was extremely knowledgeable and kept me informed about the process as issues developed. Sean even tried to get my x-wife to be fair, when that failed and we wound up in front of the judge, he did a wonderful job of presenting my position, interviewing my x and getting the judge to award me (the father) full custody. I highly recommend Sean as very caring and professional.


I Cannot Recommend Sean Highly Enough

Sean has resolved multiple family law issues I have had in the last seven years. He is not only exceptionally well educated and a sharp mind but, he is well respected amongst his peers and judges alike. He will “get it done” if you give him the reigns. If you restrict him, you will end up in a place that is not as good as it would be if he were given the freedom to practice what he knows. Trust in knowing “your children’s best interests will always be served” will get you through. I cannot recommend Sean highly enough.


I Recommend Sean Stephens - Third Party Custody Cases

Sean Stephens and his team assisted in a very complex 3rd part custody lawsuit. The team was very responsive, informative, professional and skilled in negotiating in our best interests and in the child’s best interests. Sean was able to settle an agreement for my husband and I to obtain sole custody of the child without a court battle- we didn’t think that was going to be possible. We are very pleased with the outcome and would highly recommend Sean Stephens in handling of complex child custody cases.


Fantastic Experience

My experience with Mr. Stephens was fantastic. When I was getting wrapped up in the logistics of my divorce, Sean would sit me down and help me re-focus on what is best for my son… every time. Sean’s ability to bring the divorce to a mutually agreed upon arrangement was much more farsighted than I had the ability to realize at that time. Now that we are months after the divorce being finalized, I am really starting to understand how Sean’s heart is as equally strong and focused as his mind. I truly respect Mr. Stephens for not only the fantastic results but also, his capacity to address my individual case.


Outstanding Service and Results

Outstanding service and results! Sean Stephens was referred to me by another Lawyer, which turned-out to be a terrific decision. Sean represented me extremely well. He is timely, professional, articulate and very well organized. He follows-up on a regular basis, values mutual respect and spoke to me as a concerned individual. In short, he cares; and it made the difference between my ability to survive financially (and emotionally, etc.) – or declare bankruptcy. I happily survived the case and am doing very well. I highly regard Sean.


I Want To Convey My gratitude In How Well You've Handled Our Case

Sean, once again, I want to convey my gratitude in how well you’ve handled our case these past few months. I used to think badly of lawyers (the expense and all). However- its very clear to me we could not navigate the legal system in the way we have without your knowledge and coaching and negotiating expertise. The fact is, with your help, we have a young child that is safe today and would not have been – for that I am so grateful.


Prenuptial Agreement

Sean Stephens and his team far exceeded my expectations. Sean recently represented me during a prenuptial agreement and I would highly recommend his firm to anyone seeking representation for a similar matter.


I Give Sean Stephens and His Team a 5 Star Rating!

I give Sean Stephens and his team a 5 star rating. I hired him over the phone from out of state to begin my divorce process. My greatest concern was to maintain custody of my child while out of state for a family emergency. Sean immediately made me feel at ease and gave me confidence. I returned to Portland for a week and met with Sean and his team. They are professional, honest and confident. My divorce was handled perfectly!


I Would Recommend Sean for Anyone Going Through a Divorce

I hired Sean via a referral from a great friend to represent me through a heartbreaking divorce. I was married for 10 years with two great kids that were so sad to see their parents split. I needed someone who understood that my goal was to ensure that the Mother of my children was taken care of while at the same time making sure I was not taken advantage of. Sean is a married father of 4 and instantly made both me and my wife at the time comfortable with him that he had the entire families best interest at heart. Without Sean, this would have been an even worse experience. I would recommend Sean for anyone going through a divorce. Thank you Sean.


Sean has been an extreme blessing in my current complex divorce.

Sean has been an extreme blessing in my current complex divorce. Sean recently represented me when my husband contested a restraining order and I couldn’t have been more impressed . Sean is professional, knowledgeable, and always has the best interest of myself and my children in the forefront of any decision that needs to be made.I would recommend Sean


Sean Helped Me Navigate My Best Course of Action During a Divorce

I hired Sean Stephens to help me navigate my best course of action during a divorce that I had (up to that point) been trying to handle without getting lawyers involved. My soon-to-be-ex-wife was planning to move out of state with my two daughters. I almost allowed her to go, but Sean was the one that reminded me that I had this one chance to save my relationship with them, and I can’t imagine how sad I’d be without them had I not taken his advice. I came so close to letting my ex move away with my girls, and his counsel helped me make the right decision.

David W.