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OneTec Family Law has prepared the following forms to inform clients about the legal process, and to gather information to help.

Child Support

Child support in Oregon is calculated using an online calculator. For a link to the Oregon Child Support Calculator, click here.

Parenting Guidelines During Divorce

Parenting can be challenging at any time, and even more so during divorce. We have prepared a letter containing guidelines for how to parent at your best during divorce, custody, and parenting time cases. “Divorce And Custody Parent Guidelines.”

Printable Family Law Statutes:

An Overview of the Divorce Process

During divorce, it can be hard to see the forest from the trees. To help you see the big picture, and understand the divorce process better, we have prepared a “divorce primer.” A Primer On Divorce In Oregon

Parenting Classes

In cases involving children, all parents must register for and complete a county specific parenting class.