April 30, 2015

Helping People During Divorce – Father and Daughter Reunited

I have previously blogged about my passion to help people through difficult divorce and custody cases.  I previously wrote about helping to reunite a father and his children, and helping get a fair property award and my client’s legal fees paid in the process.  I just finished another satisfying case and helped reunite a father with his daughter after a year and a half of no contact.

My client was entitled to substantial parenting time by court order, and the other party  unilaterally cut him off from all contact with his daughter. His mother was very involved with her granddaughter, and  she’d been cut off from contact with her granddaughter too. He tried on his own to get the issue addressed and filed parenting enforcement actions as a self represented litigant, but didn’t make any progress.  He thought about giving up and living with the lack of contact, but he didn’t.  I am thrilled he made his way to our office.  I listened to his story, we put together a plan to address it, and in February 2015 the court awarded him sole custody. The mother had hidden with the child, and after searching in and out of state, she was located and father and his family were reunited with his daughter.  I love hearing updates I get about how well  his daughter is doing, and reading the feedback from the grandmother about the case.

It would have been easy for him to give up, and I am thrilled he didn’t. Lawyers can be expensive, and it’s challenging to navigate the court system on your own. I was honored to stand by his side until the court did the right thing and awarded him custody of his daughter.

By Sean Stephens
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