May 7, 2008

Which divorce model is best for me?

Clients have a few options regarding a procedure model for their divorce case.  They can go the standard litigation route through the courts, engage in mediation, or use the collaborative divorce model. 

There are costs and benefits to proceeding under any model.  In a perfect world, the collaborative model would be the most cost-effective and most effective at resolving disputes in a manner that benefits all parties.  If your case involves physical or extreme emotional abuse, drug or alcohol abuse by one parent so severe that parent cannot understand the harm it has caused to kids or that parent is not able or willing to put up with supervision and requirements, if one party is unable to financially move forward and the other party will not cooperate, or if it is impossible for the parties to trust each other, then a traditional litigation model will be necessary to resolve your dispute.  

A good attorney who is trained and experienced in both models can assist you, not only in choosing the best model for you, but also, in making sure that you do not make the wrong choice.  The collaborative model can also be used to assist parties in domestic partnership dissolutions and custody disputes as well as in a divorce.

The lawyers at Stephens & Margolin LLP are happy to discuss the various legal models with you.  Contact us for a consultation if you would like to discuss these models with regard to your specific situation.