December 6, 2011

Top 10 Tips on Redecorating Your Home After Divorce

Divorce can be a difficult process to go through. Remaining in the marital home after a divorce can be emotionally difficult and contribute to lingering hurt feelings. Focusing on the past won’t help, and it is psychologically important to reclaim your old living space and make it your new, vibrant living space. The Oregon Divorce Blog offers the following 10 tips on reclaiming your space.

  1. Ditch the joint property. Remove the old things that you bought as a couple and own the place. Change the interior design according to your new self. Make it more attractive and lively.
  2. Keep only what you will use. When dividing property, if you think you are going to remain in the marital home, don’t take things that you really won’t use.
  3. Get some color. Spend time to research on what style your new space will look like. Explore different colors and ideas. Craft your space according to your personality this time. Change the colors of your rooms. Color can influence mood, and find some colors that go with your stuff and make you happy. If you have kids, consider leaving their rooms alone, and if you are going to paint or move things around, make sure to talk to them first and get their opinions!
  4. Splurge on bedding. Throw out the bedding from the master bedroom and buy new bedding. Just do it.
  5. Mix up your furniture.  Re-arrange your furniture so they layout is new and fresh.
  6. De-clutter and organize. This is a great opportunity to de-clutter and eliminate stress.
  7. Change your art. If you can afford to, pick an artistic style that is uniquely yours and purchase art. It helps.
  8. Get good lighting. Lighting has a big effect on mood, and new lamps or brighter lights can really help.
  9. Change the location of your collectibles. You can place your collectibles anywhere you want them to be. Have that special piece that your spouse hated and buried in the closet? Bring it out and be proud!
  10. Purge your photographs. If you don’t have kids, change your photos to remove pictures of your ex, and bring out your family and childhood pictures. If you have kids, it is a good idea to have a picture of your ex and the kids somewhere in the house to send a message to the kids that you and the ex co-operate.