February 22, 2012

Should states make it harder to divorce?

Utah recently voted down a bill that would have created a state mandated barrier to divorce. Representatives killed HB290 , which would have required divorcing couples with children to take a “divorce orientation” class prior to filing. The class is still mandatory in Utah, but currently must be completed within 60 days of filing, and not prior.

As a Portland Oregon based divorce lawyer, I find that many potential clients are surprised by how easy it is to file for divorce in Oregon. All you have to do in Oregon is say you have “irreconcilable differences.” While it makes constitutional sense to keep the State out of a person’s freedom to end a marriage, a mandatory class or counseling prior to filing for divorce is an interesting idea, considering the statistic that 20% to 40% of divorce couples wish they had worked harder to save their marriage.

The full article from the Salt Lake Tribune can be found here.