March 1, 2011

Saving Money And Reduce Divorce Conflict By Hiring Joint Experts

Divorce can be expensive. Many cases need experts to appraise real estate or collections or a business. If each side hires their own expert, the costs of the experts can be astronomical, and differing valuations can lead to expensive court battles. One good way to reduce both cost and conflict is to hire joint experts. There are many benefits. For example:

  1. Without a joint appraisal, the non-business owning spouse may not be able to afford an appraiser.
  2. The expert is likely to get better access to documents and have a more complete picture than one that was retained just by one party.
  3. Psychologically, parties view joint appraisers as more neutral than ones hired just by one side, and frequently the expert can help mediate or settle valuation disputes.
  4. Joint experts are especially useful in smaller cases where there isn’t enough money to hire two independent experts.

If you are concerned about cost in your case, talk to your attorney about the benefits of jointly hiring experts.