May 3, 2007

News: Stay At Home Moms Should Earn $138,095 calculates a stay-at-home-mom’s annual income – as a child care provider, housekeeper, cook, computer technician, janitor, facilities manager, and driver – at $138,095 a year, based on an average 92-hour work week.

Legally speaking, Oregon takes takes a stay-at-home parent or homemaker’s contributions into account in dissolution of marriage proceedings. Oregon statutes state that there is a “rebuttable presumption” that the assets acquired by either party during the marriage belong to both parties equally. ORS 107.105(f).  The court will assume this is true, unless one of the other parties can provide rebuttal evidence and convince the court otherwise. Id.

In the Oregon Supreme Court case Massee and Massee, 238 Or 195, 970 P2d 1203 (1999), the Supreme Court held trial courts must consider the contributions of a homemaker in determining whether the presumption of equal contribution has been rebutted.  Massee at 205.