March 3, 2011

News: Let’s Stay Together – Article from

As Portland Oregon based divorce lawyers, we talk to a lot of people in Oregon contemplating divorce. Some are sure of what they want and hire us on the spot. Others just want information because they have doubts about their future as a couple, or believe their spouse has doubts and want to protect themselves. One question we ask everyone in consultations is “What do you want?” Many times, a potential client does not want the relationship to end. This post is for those individuals. had an article in the March 2011 issue captioned “Let’s Stay Together” about the following five strategies statistically shown to increase the chance of marital success.

  1. Create Rituals. Married couples who celebrated religious holiday traditions together were happier in their marriages.
  2. Be a Daredevil. When couples pursue exciting activities together, they have more overall marital satisfaction.
  3. Sleep Well Together. Men who slept better at night were more likely to feel positive about their relationship the following day.
  4. Support Each Other. Research shows that when a spouse feels supported even in daily obligations, he or she is significantly happier in marriage.
  5. Build Your Career.  In dual carer marriages, couples who enjoyed their working lifestyles were happier in their marriages, even if they had to work long hours.