April 28, 2009

Divorce Tech – Family Law Software

As a firm, we are always looking for ways to find an advantage for our clients.  We recently began using a software program called “Family Law Software.”  The program allows us to enter all financial information, including assets, liabilities and income information, for both our client and their spouse and use that information to create very detailed reports.  The software was designed in such a way that it takes all tax issues into account and the publisher is constantly updating and modifying the software to take modifications of the law into account. 

Using the software allows us to both provide a detailed and visual example of what is really happening to a family’s finances.  This is helpful to the client in that it provides a clear way to understand what is happening in the case both in the short term and over time.  In the short term, working with the client and thr program we can fine tune how the division of assets can be made in teh best way for our client.  In the long term, they can see how the division and the payment or receipt of support will affect their financial picture.  The program’s data can be used by a financial specialist for both testimony purposes and to help a client with financial planning.  Lastly, and importantly, the data can provide the court with a very clear understanding of our client’s position on the issues.  It is rare for opposing counsel to use comparable charts and the ease of access to the information can help to sway the court towards our client’s position.

Stephens & Margolin LLP is committed to the use of technology to assist our client’s in all factes of their case.  Please contact the firm to find out how we can use Family Law Software to benefit you.