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If your marriage is annulled, it is as if it never happened

An annulment is the legal process for declaring a marriage null and void. If your marriage is annulled, it is as if it never happened. Oregon courts can declare a marriage valid, void from the beginning, or void from the time of judgment. You may be eligible for an annulment if there are defects in how your marriage was formed. The relief the court can award is identical to the relief the court can award in a divorce. For example, the court can divide assets and debts, determine custody and set a parenting plan, award spousal and child support, order life insurance, divide retirement accounts, investments, and stock options. Annulments requires proficiency in many different areas of the law and must be handled professionally. If not addressed properly, simple issues can become major ones during the case, or after. Some mistakes people make during divorce cannot be fixed.

Top-Rated Portland Divorce Attorneys for Annulments in Oregon

If you are considering seeking an annulment, there is no substitute for advice from a professional and experienced family law attorney. Divorce practice demands extensive knowledge of the law in Oregon, listening skills, problem solving, and compassion for good people in difficult situations.  OneTec Family Law practices only family law, and provides clients effective and compassionate representation. We provide the best solutions possible to your family law legal concerns, call today. (503) 770-5555

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