June 11, 2009

Dissatisfaction With Property Distribution in the Current Economy

The New York Times published an article regarding a top London divorce attorney named Raymondy Tooth. The article describes how Mr. Tooth makes a living representing the wives of wealthy British men.
The article describes a case in which Mr. Tooth represented Ms. Myerson, whose husband was worth around $44 million at the time of the divorce. Ms. Myerson elected to take less than half of the assets in case and some properties, while Mr. Myerson received $21.7 million worth of stock in his investment fund. Mr. Myerson was very disappointed when, some months later, the global economic downturn reduced his stock holdings by 90%. He filed a petition with the court to overturn the property distribution and make his ex-wife return the property that she received. The court declined to do so.
Under Oregon law, property distributions in a divorce cannot be modified post-judgment, as opposed to support awards and custody/parenting time determinations. It is crucial to have competent legal counsel’s advice in deciding on a strategy for division of assets. Mr. Tooth considered the volatility of the market, while Mr. Myerson just looked at the bottom line, to his misfortune.
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