March 27, 2009

Daniel Margolin to be main presenter for NBI CLE on Collaborative Divorce

On July 8th from noon to 1:30 pacific time, Daniel Margolin of Stephens & Margolin LLP will be the main presenter for the National Business Institutes national teleconference CLE on Collaborative Law in Family Disputes. 

The agenda for the presentation is as follows: 

A. Definition of Collaborative Law

I.  Overview of Collaborative Law

B. History of Practice

C. Benefits vs. Litigation

D. Comparison With Mediation

II. Initiating a Collaborative Case

A. Initial Consultation/Client Education

B. Client Retainer Agreement

C. Collaborative Agreement

D. Pleadings

III.  Working a Collaborative Case

A. Information Gathering – Attorney Teleconference

B. Four-Way Meetings

C. Settlement

IV. Collaborative Techniques and Skills

A. Interest Based Negotiations

B. Neutral Experts

C. Tone, Language and Client Control

D. Overcoming Impasse

V. Getting a Practice Started

A. Organizing a Local Group

B. Working With Other Professionals

C. Help From Judiciary