November 7, 2008

Child Support and Boxing

Evander Holyfield settled his child support case against one of the many mothers of his children by agreeing to set aside $100,000 in a college fund for his 10-year-old son.  Holyfield also consented to pay private school tuition before college, reinstated health insurance for his son and settled $4,500 in attorney fees.  He was facing potential jail time for his failure to pay support.

In Oregon, a court cannot force a parent to agree to pay for private school tuition.  Often times, parties will agree to split the cost of private school tuition if they reach a settlement outside of court.  Private school tuition, with the exception of cases where a parent proves that private school is a medical necessity for a child, is not included in child support calculations. 

It is sad to see that the once great Holyfield has fallen so far.